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5 common health issues in cats and how to prevent them

Cats are lovely pets for many, but they also come with their fair share of health problems. Knowing the common health issues that your feline friend can encounter is essential in preventing its persistence. Here are the five most common health issues in cats and how to prevent them.

1. Obesity

Obesity is a prevalent health issue in cats, as it increases their risk of developing other health problems like diabetes, joint problems, and liver disease. To combat obesity in cats, ensure that you feed it the right portion sizes and avoid giving it too many treats. Encourage exercise by introducing various toys such as feather wands or balls.

2. Diabetes

Just like humans, cats can develop diabetes, and it is often observed in middle-aged or older felines. To prevent the development of diabetes, maintain a healthy weight for your cat through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

3. Respiratory infections

Upper respiratory infections are common in cats, with the most common culprit being the feline herpesvirus. These infections are often contagious and can cause symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and discharge from the eyes and nose. To prevent respiratory infections, ensure that your cat is up to date on vaccinations and keep it away from other cats with visible symptoms of infections.

4. Dental problems

Cats are prone to developing dental issues such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. To prevent these problems, brush your cat’s teeth frequently and schedule regular dental checkups with your vet.

5. Hairball concerns

The frequent grooming of cats leads to them swallowing hair, and this can cause hairballs, leading to digestive distress. To prevent hairballs, groom your cat regularly and introduce hairball prevention treats or food to its diet.

In conclusion, keeping your cat healthy and free from these common health issues comes down to maintaining a healthy diet, scheduling regular medical checkups, grooming regularly, exercising, and observing healthy habits. With these preventative measures in mind, you can help prolong the life of your feline friend and enjoy many happy moments together.

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